Morning Mashup 9/18


The Actual Accomplishment of Racial Reconciliation – Jarvis Williams, professor at SBTS, writes, “Racial reconciliation is not automatic. Yes, Jesus’ death has actually accomplished it. But Christians must responsibly pursue it with intense rigor or else they will not experience it in their churches or in their circles of influence.”

Can Evangelical Chaplains Serve God and Country?–The Crisis Arrives – Albert Mohler on a crucial issue in SBC and American life: “Southern Baptist chaplains cannot surrender their commitment to Christ in order to maintain their commitment to ministry within the Armed Services. Furthermore, Southern Baptists will take their instruction from their own churches, not from those churches and denominations who are wearing out their knees bowing to Baal.”

Don’t Segregate the Youth – Challenging post from David Wright on youth ministry in the local church: “What, then, are we communicating to our youth about the church when every time we gather, they go to their own room for a separate program?” His conclusion is startling: “In other words, maybe young adults aren’t actually leaving the church. Maybe they were never there to begin with.

Rick Warren’s Interview with Piers Morgan – Pastor Rick Warren talks about his son’s suicide in his first interview since the death of his son in April.

Redskins Film Review: RGIII – “Observations after watching Robert Griffin III‘s game in the Washington Redskins‘ 38-20 loss at Green Bay.”

Kindle deals you do not want to miss:
The Explicit Gospel by Matt Chandler ($3.99);
Gospel Deeps by Jared Wilson ($2.99);
Rhythms of Grace by Mike Cosper ($2.99);
Gospel-Centered Discipleship by Jonathan Dodson ($1.99);
Am I Called? by Dave Harvey ($0.99);
A Better Way by Michael Horton ($3.99)

Eternal life begins with one’s decision for Christ in this life; but it will be fully manifested in the age-to-come at the glorious return of Christ to consummate all things –Bruce Demarest


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