Morning Mashup 9/17


Abortion Clinics Closing at Historic Rate – “For Abby Johnson, the closing of a single Planned Parenthood center demonstrated her dramatic reversal from abortion clinic director to leading pro-life advocate.”

Stronger Together, Serving Together, Sending Together – “There is a need for Baptist churches within every state to coordinate and combine their energies for the cause of the Great Commission and the task of reaching the communities in their own state and region. This does not weaken the Southern Baptist Convention—it makes us stronger.”

What is CROSS? – The theological commitments of the Cross Conference, which will happen Dec. 27-30 in Louisville, KY, are outlined here.

Questioning Within the Borders of Faith – Joe Rigney writes for those like him (and me) who have doubted their faith or aspects of the faith. What should we do when we doubt?

World Watch List 2013 – Open Doors has released their annual World Watch List which ranks the top fifty countries where persecution of Christians is most severe. Once again, North Korea is number one.

Our Shaken Faith in Football – Owen Strachan goes where I have not allowed myself to go. Pride is nasty. Strachan asks and then answers this question: “Should Christian fans step away from such a physically devastating, violent sport?”

“The more we emphasize the inflexible demands of justice and holiness the more marvelous become the love of God and its provisions.” –John Murray



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