Morning Mashup 9/13


Mr. President, Protect the Children from Chemical Weapons – John Knight writes an open letter to President Obama calling him to protect children from chemical weapons from a dictator in Syria and from doctors in the United States.

Bible Study Tools and Resources – “Pastor Mark Driscoll shares some great study resources in this final installment of his blog series, which provides a guided tour of topics like Bible translationshow to interpret the Bible, and misconceptions about the Bible.”

You’re Not Righteous Enough – Trip Lee writes, “Being a sinner doesn’t keep us from Christ; it’s the reason we need Him. If we wait until we look perfect to embrace Him we’ll be waiting forever.”

Dear Southern Seminary – Tim Challies writes this open letter to the good folks at SBTS.

Vanhoozer on Sanctified Imagination – Kevin Vanhoozer on the role imagination plays in sanctification.

The Coming Identity-Crisis for Younger Evangelicals – “We have a swath of Apple products at our finger tips, we sip cappuccinos, and sport reformation-era facial hair. We’re post-fundamentalists. And, for good or ill, we will lead the church into the coming decades…”

NFL Week 2 Predictions – After that ugly game last night between the Pats and the Jets, I am looking forward to what Sunday’s games will  bring us.

$5 Friday – It’s five dollar Friday at Ligonier and there are a number of books discounted to, you guessed it, five dollars. Some of these titles and resources are well worth the money.

“Let us be heartily convinced that the Kingdom of Heaven is not servants’ wages but sons’ inheritance.”–John Calvin


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