Morning Mashup 9/11


9 Things You Should Know about the 9/11 Attack – Joe Carter remarks, “Today marks the twelfth anniversary of the worst terrorist attack ever on American soil. Here are nine things you should know about what happened in the aftermath of the events on September, 11 2001…”

10 Ways the World has Changed Since 9/11 – “The United States and the world have changed significantly in the dozen years since terrorists launched the biggest attack on U.S. soil since Pearl Harbor. The [Washington] Post’s David Beard looks at 10 of those changes.”

Women Need More than Proverbs 31 and Titus 2 – Jessalyn Hutto calls for gospel-centeredness that is often lacking in women’s ministries: “We go to women’s retreats expounding on the different virtues of the Proverbs 31 Woman without ever hearing the gospel from where those virtues spring. We engage in Titus 2 relationships, mentoring each other in the practical outworkings of our faith without ever reminding one another of the life-giving truths of the gospel it’s all rooted in.”

The X-Factor in Bible Reading – Read this short blog post by David Mathis to see how the Holy Spirit is indeed that x-factor. A reminder to get in the Word today!

What Does ‘Intentional’ Mean in Dating? – “I believe I speak for every single evangelical when I say that we need a balanced, comprehensive theology of dating that is rooted in Scripture and actually helps us relate to the opposite sex day-to-day.”

The Dark Night of the Soul – R.C. Sproul writes about the somber reality of spiritual depression.

MLB Standings – And finally, here are your MLB standings as of 9/11. The only two divisions that are not practical runaways are the AL West and the NL Central. These next couple weeks should get dicey for the five teams vying for a division title.

“We should set the Word of God always before us like a rule, and believe nothing but that which it teacheth, love nothing but that which it prescribeth, hate nothing but that which it forbiddeth, do nothing but that which it commandeth.” — Henry Smith


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