Morning Mashup 9/10


Obama Responds to Russian Proposal – “In an interview Monday, President Obama responded to a surprising late proposal that could head off a military strike against Syria. The Syrians agreed to a Russian proposal to put their chemical weapons under international control and destroy them.”

Shellfish, Slavery, and Same-Sex Marriage: How Not to Read the Bible – “While Australians wrestle with the implications of redefining marriage to include a union of two persons of the same sex, it would be a much more enlightened debate if proponents of this novel redefinition did not misuse the Bible in mounting their arguments.” This is a good point for Americans to heed as well.

How to Serve Families with Disability – “Paying attention to small things that are wearing away at a family experiencing disability can help maintain their foundation and reduce the need for a bigger intervention down the road.”

RGIII and Redskins Stunned by Eagles, 33-20, in 2013 Season Opener – We all wanted to see both the return of Robert Griffin III and Chip Kelly‘s implemented fast-paced offense. It was a tale of two halves.

The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission – The ERLC’s new website launches today and I am very excited about it. Check it out as some of the SBC’s best and brightest leaders shed light on tough issues in our day.

The Bible’s Big Story: Salvation History for Kids – Check out this newly released book by Jim Hamilton. It is a biblical theology for kids…that rhymes…Should be an excellent tool to use with your kids.



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