CentriKid 2013 Ministry Results

heading_2013_ministry_resultsCK Min Resultsheading_ministry_results_location_2013heading_ministry_results_27000_campersheading_ministry_results_fun_stats_2013

I am usually not too big on numbers. Frankly, they are misleading and can be dangerous. I know they can be a temptation to be prideful and they can distract from more weighty issues. For example, it is better to have 1 genuine professions of faith than 100 false professions. With that in mind, I still think this is a cool indicator of the way God has used CentriKid. My wife and I were able to lead a group of kids from First Baptist Church East Bernstadt this past July at Centrikid. This is an engaging, gospel-centered ministry that provides a means through which the gospel of Christ can be proclaimed for an entire week. Plus, its pretty cool. The number above I am most excited about is the 2,268 times the gospel was connected to an activity. I encourage you to check out more information about CentriKid. May God continue to be glorified through this ministry. (Image: via CentriKid Camps)




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