Morning Mashup 9/5

coffee-newspaperHere is a mixture of topics and articles that I have read and found helpful this morning. I hope you find something here that edifies you, makes you laugh, and/or makes you think. I hope to do this most mornings.

Farewell, NIV – Jesse Johnson laments Zondervan’s move to stop publishing the NIV (1984) and writes that the NIV2011 is insufficient. If you grew up on the NIV this may come as bad news, but the NIV as we have known it is on its way out of the church. Hang on to your copy!

Stereotypes: Pickup Basketball – If you have ever played pickup basketball, then you MUST watch this video. You will be on the floor laughing! I especially loved the “My Bad Guy.”

Why I Said No to the NFL – Chris Norman recently did a video for Desiring God in which he shared how God called him both to salvation and into the ministry through the Christian Hedonism theology of John Piper. In this blog post, Norman answers some questions that have been raised from that video. For more clarity on Norman’s calling, read this article.

Believing in a Prison Camp – Watch this five minute video of the story of Hea Woo, a North Korean Christian who spent time as a prisoner in one a North Korean labor camp. Be encouraged and edified by her story as you witness God’s persevering grace through some of the worst suffering this world can offer. Disciples can be made in one of the most hostile places in all the world. They can be made in your neighborhood… (via Radical)

Into the Lion’s Den – President Obama is heading “into the lion’s den” according to the Huffington Post as he has arrived in St. Petersburg, Russia for the G20 Summit. He will spend time lobbying for worldwide support for an attack on the Assad regime in Syria. However, the world will be watching both Obama and the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, and listening to their words. These two leaders do not plan to meet.

Woe to the drifters in a world where all the current is toward destruction! Grant us to see and to feel that not only life, but also joy, is in the ‘good fight’ that does not end until the final rest (John Piper).


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