More To Life Than A Game: Linebacker Finds True Joy In Jesus

Chris Norman

With the college football season officially underway and today being the day that the majority of teams’ seasons are kicked off, I can think of no better way to begin this year of college football than by watching this video from Desiring God that features former Michigan State linebacker Chris Norman and his journey to find true meaning in life. For Christians who love college football, this video will be a great reminder of football (and all other sports) and its place of priority. Even though it is a great and entertaining game and it has provided certain individuals (like Tim Tebow) with a wonderful platform to proclaim Christ and him crucified, Chris Norman shows us that living for the glory of God and following the lead and call of Christ is the way to not waste your life.

Watch this emotional video about a man who found true life in giving up what before meant the most to him. God used John Piper’s perspective-altering book Don’t Waste Your Life to show Norman that there is an incomparable joy to be found in knowing Jesus and living and giving your life for his glory. Find out why Chris Norman chose seminary over the NFL. See why he listened to the call of God on his life over and against the advice of friends and family. Football brings satisfaction to players and fans alike. But true satisfaction is found through the grace of God in Christ Jesus. And remember, “God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him” (John Piper). Chris Norman gets it. I can identify with him. I pray this video positively affects your life as it has mine. May God use his story and life for his glory through the salvation of sinners and edification of saints.

True life, what it means to truly live, is all wrapped up in the way you follow Christ. To do what he’s asking you to do, to listen to what he says and to chase his glory means that you will have not wasted your life (Chris Norman).


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