Michael Jordan Dunking at Age 50

_Jazz_v_Remember when Michael Jordan celebrated his 50th birthday back in February? If you are a sports fan you definitely remember because ESPN pulled out all of their MJ footage and talked about him non-stop. All of the usual water cooler discussion topics were laid out: Is LeBron better than MJ? Is MJ the greatest player of all time? Dunker? Shooter? Defender? Champion? Athlete? We are used to these questions. And the first question regarding LeBron James will only intensify and annoy most sports fans with James’ increasing success. Nevertheless, it is fun to talk about (just not for 24 hours like ESPN seems to do).

The most fun and probably most intriguing question that was asked back in February, however, was whether Michael Jordan could successfully contribute to a current NBA team at age 50. Could “His Airness” really make a comeback to the NBA at age 50? This is unheard of and unprecedented, in the NBA at least. The discussions all ended basically the same. It will not happen, but if anyone could do it, Michael could. Actually, he truly probably could not do much worse than his own players (Charlotte Bobcats). Perhaps he would help them more by being on the court at 50, rather than in the front office.

So, maybe it is farfetched to think that Jordan could return to the NBA as a player at age 50. I will leave that talk for you and your buddy at the water cooler or barber shop or whatever venue-cliche you prefer. I personally do not think he could physically take the toll of an NBA season, even at minimal minutes. But then again…

I can see fifty-year-olds everywhere singing, “If I could be like Mike!” Oh, and if Jordan’s nonchalant dunk impresses you, don’t forget about this…

Julius Erving Dunking at 63


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