Reflections on Sin and Salvation

550px-Avoid-Temptation-to-Sin-Step-5Stability, honesty, trustworthiness, and honor are all qualities that are often lacking in humans. In our fallen nature, we can be pretty disgusting. When you really take into account the depths into which we fall into sin every day, the only proper word I can think of to describe us is vile. We are also terribly schizophrenic. This is evident in children. The most adorable, kind, sweet, and precious child will refuse to come down the inflatable slide when he is asked to by his teacher. His disobedience and rebellion is disgusting. It is vile. And his behavior is contradictory and confusing. How could someone so sweet be so disobedient? In a sense, this describes all of us. Some of course fall into sin more so than others. It is sheer grace that we are all not like Adolf Hitler. The number of times we rebel against the holy God of the universe is astounding. In fact, when you take a step back and look at humanity at large, it is truly unfathomable that God would choose to save even one person. It blows my mind that he does so. Now, consider your own life. Ponder your own personal rebellion against God. Your daily abominations and treasons are remarkably arrogant and detestable. And so are mine.

The fact that God has chosen to redeem me from my plight, the fact that he has adopted me to be one of his children is indescribable. It is scandalous. Onlookers would be right to say, “That is not right! Punish that unworthy sinner!” I will never be able to comprehend the love of God and the deep and booming glory of his grace. They will forever remain a mystery to me, yet I will ever seek to understand. I will fill my heart with the joy that comes from walking in wonder of the God of my salvation. When I deserved punishment, Jesus Christ took my punishment. When I deserved the holy and just wrath of God, Jesus Christ bore it in my place. He was judged in the place of the guilty. He was considered guilty so I may be considered innocent. He was killed so I may live. And alive I have been made. I walked in death. I walked through death. And I walked toward death—death eternal. Jesus took the cup filled to the brim with God’s wrath and drank it to the dregs. He then tossed it to the ground and exclaimed, “It is finished!” My salvation is secure in the work of a sinless Savior. It is untouchable because of the sovereign grace of a loving Father. I am alive because of the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit. I will admire the glory of God and declare them to the nations all the days of my life. Let the glory fill the earth, O glorious and reigning God. The highest and greatest expression of the love of God is found in the form of a bloody and mangled God-man hanging on a bloody wooden cross. The story of the love of God is written in blood. This expression of God’s love is an answer to the upholding of his holiness.  When God’s holiness is viewed correctly, all sin, both intentional and unintentional become appalling. Father, forgive us for our eagerness to compromise your holiness with sin. Forgive us for not being sickened by sin and for even treasuring our sin over your Son. When sin is not hated, Jesus is not loved. Our hatred of sin will flow from a greater love for a greater Treasure. When you drink from this fountain of joy and satisfaction, nothing else will do. One who has been made new and born again will live and grow under the realization that all of these sinful passions have only been false advertisements of false pleasures—for they are kiddy rides at the foot of a grand roller coaster. When your life has been transformed by the King of glory and joy, it will become impossible for your to progress in any other direction, but toward the shining light of Jesus and all his marvelous pleasures regardless of how slow we step. But through the Word and the graces of fellowship with believers, prayer, and the sacraments, let us learn to run though we currently walk or learn to walk while we currently crawl. Loving and treasuring Jesus means you are now in a new relationship to sin. Sin has gone from deceitful “friend” to defeated enemy. It is an enemy that has been defeated, but still strikes at your heel. This means you cannot love both sin and Jesus. The one true Triune God is a jealous god. For your good and his glory, he desires and requires sole devotion and worship to him (Commandment #1). Therefore, when you drink Living Water, tap water just doesn’t hold a candle any longer. To revert back to tap water after drinking from this eternal fountain of joy is foolish and to abandon the newly discovered fount altogether is unthinkable.

Jesus is the only joy that satisfies. He is the only One truly worth desiring and yearning for. He is the only One who will not disappoint. You can never have too high expectations of Jesus, only too low. May your thoughts of him reach to the heavens and beyond into the depths of the deepest galaxy.

The higher your view of God is, the more appalled and sickened you will be of sin and injustice. Those who have been born again should never ignore sin. I would even venture to say that it should be physically tolling on you when you fall into sin or witness another professing Christian live in sin. This is disgusting and vile.

May the power of Your gospel propel us to a holy hatred of sin and sinners rooted in love for the regeneration of their hearts for the glory of God.


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