Follow Me Simulcast

followme-simulcast-530x350LifeWay and David Platt have teamed up once again to provide a very valuable resource for the church and for Christians everywhere–the Follow Me simulcast. A simulcast is a live broadcast streamed through the internet. The simulcasts that I have participated in through Lifeway (Secret Church and Multiply) proved to be tremendously fruitful for my life as well as the lives of those who participated with me. The cool thing about these simulcasts is their unique ability to be a blessing to groups of 100+ as well as for an individual. Churches can stream these simulcasts onto a large screen in their sanctuaries and college students can stream them to their laptops. LifeWay simulcasts are just cool.

This particular simulcast is called Follow Me. It will be teaching/discussion session featuring David Platt and others. Platt and the other speakers will be streaming this simulcast from the Middle East. The topic of the simulcast stems from Platt’s recent work, Follow Me: A Call to Live. A Call to Die. The Follow Me simulcast will dive into the aspects of what it means to follow Christ. It is a call to discipleship, but even more than that, it is a call to deep discipleship; the kind that extends much further than a six-week, periodical study of a certain topic on Sunday nights in comfortable classrooms. The fact that this simulcast will be hosted in the Middle East makes this event especially unique as Platt will be calling Christians to the kind of devotion to Christ that is worthy of death in the very area he will be speaking.

The best part about this event will obviously be the profoundly biblical and applicable teaching of David Platt. However, another amazing feature of this simulcast is the fact that it is free! In other words, if you have free time this coming Wednesday, you would be foolish to not spend and hour and a half going deep into the implications of Jesus’ call to follow him. You will definitely not regret taking part in this experience. There is my plug. I will include all of the information you would need to take part in this event below. Feel free to comment if you still have any questions about what a simulcast event can look like in your church or home. My small group of friends and I cannot wait to take part in this event!

Follow Me Simulcast

Date: August 14, 2013

Time: 6:00-7:30 (EDT)

Price: FREE

Requirements: (1) A laptop or desktop computer (You can then obviously connect your device to a projection screen or TV). (2) An internet connection

Suggested Materials: (1) Bible. (2) Notebook. (3) Pens.

*Above information adapted from LifeWay’s product description of the Follow Me simulcast*

David Platt on the Follow Me Simulcast


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