Does David Platt Teach Religious Legalism?

interview-gcThis is a preposterous question for those like me who frequently watch David Platt’s sermons. David Platt has been accused of promoting and teaching a form of religious legalism through his book Radical. There are even sound and influential evangelical pastors who have questioned the helpfulness of Platt’s book and teachings since they have a tendency to lead to legalism. Platt has also been accused of making a big deal out of selling your home and adopting multiple children or moving to an unreached people group while ignoring the ordinary, everyday Christian who obeys God through the power of the gospel. I mean, how radical is radical enough? The thought that Platt teaches that radical living is necessary for salvation or the idea that he causes people to believe that they must become radical in order to be saved by God is alarming.

However, I feel that Platt has eliminated these misunderstandings in a video series over at the blog at In this video he answers the question: How can we avoid religious legalism and still live radically? At the heart of this is how radical living flows from the grace of God through Jesus Christ in the gospel. And though I think Platt is clear enough in his three books (Radical, Radical Together, and Follow Me) to eliminate such accusations, this video and others like it give no doubt to Platt’s gospel-mindedness as he calls for radical living.


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