The Case for Marriage in Less than Two Minutes: For the Sake of the Children

img_159669_the-case-for-man-woman-marriageI will be married in less than three weeks now. My excitement and anticipation to make covenantal vows to my bride are indescribable. However, the definition, intent, design, and purpose of marriage are all misunderstood, mistaken, ignored, and debated in America and much of the world today. The sacredness and sanctity of marriage are belittled by both homosexuals and heterosexuals, Christians and non-Christians. The case for traditional marriage is extensive with great detail rooted in biblical, cultural, societal, and familial claims. However, short and creative resources to make the case for marriage are very helpful even when they do not address every detail in the argument. In furthering, expanding, and improving the conversation, many resources have been created. I think that this short (1:50) video does an excellent job of kindling conversation and possibly causing people to rethink some of their assumptions concerning marriage. For those who do not have a high view of the Bible, this is a brief resource that will at minimum give you something to think about. As this video (created in Ireland) heralds, traditional marriage must remain defined as a covenantal relationship between one man and one woman…for the sake of the children.


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