True Tolerance in Dubai: Muslim–Christian Dialogue


In a world where tolerance is being challenged and redefined to mean the acceptance of all views, rather than the acceptance of the existence of all views, it is very refreshing to see the traditional idea of tolerance exemplified in healthy debate. Every two years in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, a Muslim Christian Dialogue is held featuring experts representing and defending the respective faiths. This year, Baptist pastor and author, Thabiti Anyabwile (First Baptist Church in the Cayman Islands) and president of the Islamic Information and Dawah Centre International, Shabir Ally, engaged one another in productive and insightful debate over the tenets of Christianity and those of Islam.

These two intelligent, zealous, and distinguished men provide us with a tremendous example of true tolerance and healthy debate. Both Thabiti and Shabir give confident apologies as well as strong rebuttal without harsh language or hateful tones. This video is worth watching in its entirety, but if you only catch a few minutes of it, you will be blessed. This discussion will help you to understand more clearly the Muslim and Christian faiths and the problems each of these faiths has with the other. As you will see, the main issues pertaining to salvation that are discussed are the problem of reconciling God’s mercy and justice, forgiveness, and God’s “way” of saving sinners. The important question that this Reformed Baptist pastor and this Islamic speaker and leader engage in and debate over is this: How can we find forgiveness from a holy God?

I pray you enjoy this gem of true tolerance found in Dubai:

Muslim–Christian Dialogue in Dubai, UAE



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