“The Shot” Part II: High School Edition

UK fans, don’t look now. The melodrama of the 1992 East Regional Final was played out in the MHSAA Class A Regional Semifinal game in Cedar Springs, Michigan. The role of Duke was played by the Hudsonville Eagles. The role of Kentucky was played by the Forest Hills Northern Huskies. Grant Hill was played by inbounder Brent Hibbitts. And the treacherous Christian Laettner was played by Cody Stuive.

This play is pretty similar to that game-winning shot in 1992. The only difference is that this was a game-tying shot rather than a game-winner. It was cool to see a shot like this where there are no Kentucky uniforms and UK players stunned after being robbed of a Final Four bid. In fact, I have grown a much greater appreciation for this play because it is just awesome! The problem is that as a UK fan, I could never look at the Christian Laettner shot and call that “awesome”. Nevertheless, this high school play is pretty impressive and is a play this team had never practiced. And just like the Laettner shot, it will never be forgotten by the teams involved and the fans that watched it. And by the way…they did have a guy on the inbounder and it didn’t help!

And just in case you have forgotten…(sorry fellow Cats fans)


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