Dennis Rodman in North Korea

Kim Jung Un and Dennis Rodman

Former NBA basketball star and wild man Dennis Rodman has reentered the sports world and has taken a giant leap into the political world. Rodman went to North Korea with the Harlem GlobeTrotters on February 28th and spent some significant time with dictator Kim Jong-un. This is remarkable because Rodman becomes the first American to meet with and talk with Kim Jong-un.

After his visit with this dictator who now leads one of the most evil and oppressive regimes of the 20th and 21st centuries, Rodman sat down with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos in a very interesting interview. In my opinion, Rodman’s words are alarming and disturbing. I mean, this is nothing new I guess. Rodman has the track record of being rather unstable. Therefore, Kim Jong-un hitting it off with Rodman tells us something about both of them. Minimally, they are both insane. Nevertheless, some have interpreted Rodman’s “act of diplomacy” as a very noble act.

I will concede at this one point. While Rodman nonchalantly gave his new buddy a pass on his murder and starvation of his own people, he is right about one thing–he did make history. He did something none of the American diplomats have yet to do; sit and talk with Kim Jong-un. And to the shock of many, they really hit it off and it seems like they will be life-long friends! I only wonder what they possibly had to talk about. Maybe they exchanged stories, battling with one another to see who could come up with the most insane story possible. I imagine the exchange during the game went something like this:

Kim Jong-un: “Hey Dennis, this one time I imprisoned about 200 people for no reason whatsoever and without trial”

Dennis Rodman: “Oh yeah? Well, this one time I cross-dressed wearing a wedding dress!”

Kim Jong-un: “Man, that is impressive! I cross-dress every night before bed, though. And man this one time I killed one of my top mentors for not properly grieving the death of my father. I mean the dude dared to laugh three weeks after my dad died. What else was I supposed to do?”

Dennis Rodman: “Kim, bruh, that is pretty insane. But I think I gotcha topped! This one time, dude, I swear, I dated Madonna…”

Kim Jung Un: “Ok…you win”

Jung Un greets RodmanIt would be a close contest. Okay, okay, I guess murdering and torturing thousands upon thousands is slightly worse than dating Madonna, marrying Carmen Electra, and cross-dressing in a wedding dress. This would explain the laughter they shared during the game. They are like two evil antagonists in a play or movie who laugh over the most sinister things. It is a scene that can make chills run up your spine. One thing is certain, Dennis Rodman is crazier than I ever gave him credit. He enjoyed himself and befriended an enemy of his own country who is deranged and power-hungry. The man who tortures his own people is cool with Rodman. It kinda makes sense though. I mean, who better than the deranged Dennis Rodman to execute political diplomacy with deranged dictators and terrorists. Rick Reilly explores this possibility in a hilarious article over at ESPN. It is a must read! No doubt about it: Rodman made history! He added to his long collection of bizarre and insane actions by hanging out with possibly the world’s most dangerous dictator.

dennis-rodmanNever fear America! The Worm is here to bring peace between North Korea and the US!

But seriously, North Korea and the dictatorship of Kim Jong-un is the definition of evil in our world. I will also mention that North Korea is the number one nation in the world for Christian persecution. More Christians are persecuted in North Korea than in any other country. Worship and allegiance must be to Jong-un. Because of this, there is no place for God. He is God. And Rodman…likes him. To me, this seems like an attempt for Dennis Rodman to make himself relevant again. But I do not doubt the sincerity of their friendship. I’d say that two power-hungry, deranged fools would get along just fine. This is an added fifteen minutes to Rodman’s fame and will soon pass in a week or so. But nevertheless while the lime light is on him, I’d love to have your thoughts on the matter. Just comment below and give your thoughts on what you think of Dennis Rodman and his activity in North Korea.

But first…Watch the interview between Rodman and Stephanopoulos


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