Craziest Buzzer Beater You Will Ever See

The most amazing buzzer beater you will ever see! In the New York Section I-AA state championship game, New Rochelle defeats Mt. Vernon with an incredible shot from beyond mid-court with only 0.1 seconds on the clock. A bizarre series of events follows the inbound of the ball with 2.9 seconds left in the game. After the pass is intercepted by Mt. Vernon, the player proceeds to toss the ball in the air as this is becoming a popular way to end the game. But this time it back-fired and I bet this guy will be doing clinics in the future on how not to finish a game. I feel so sorry for this guy. He tosses the ball into the air and it is re-intercepted by the initial inbounder who then provides the magic. The outcome could not be more sweet for New Rochelle and nor more bitter for Mt. Vernon. This is one reason why I love sports! This is the craziest ending to a game that you will ever see and to beat it all, it was in the state championship.

Do you think he got it off in time? And what are your general thoughts about this crazy play? Leave a reply below.


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