2013 Sprite Slam Dunk Contest Preview

With many names that are not synonymous with slam dunk contests participating tonight in the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest, I felt it might be helpful to include some videos of some of the participants. Some notables in this year’s contest are the defending champ, Jeremy Evans, past champion Gerald Green, joining fan favorite James White, former UK wildcat, Eric Bledsoe, Terrance Ross and the “manimal” from Morehead State, Kenneth Faried who all make up what some analysts are calling the most competitive field we have seen in about ten years. I have to admit that I have been slightly disappointed in the dunk contest over the past few years and hate to see what it is becoming. The slam dunk contest is becoming more of a show than a showcase of dunkers. Most dunks have already been tried and extra creativity via props just takes away from what the dunk contest used to be in the glory days of Carter, Jordan, Wilkins, Webb, and all the way back to Dr. J. I would love to see the dunk contest return to what it used to be–the best players in the NBA showcasing their high-flying abilities. But until the greatest player on the planet steps out and participates, that case will remain closed.

Nevertheless, there are some very talented guys participating tonight and I am going to go ahead and predict a winner. I believe that Gerald Green is going to win his second title. He can get up, dunks with force, and is creative. Although I do feel like I should be choosing James “Flight” White, I am banking on a bust. As always, I am looking forward to tonight, I just hope I do not turn out to be disappointed as I have been the past two years.

You be the judge. Here are your 2013 Sprite Slam Dunk Contest participants:

Jeremy Evans

Gerald Green

James White

Eric Bledsoe

Terrance Ross

Kenneth Faried

And here is a full analysis of each dunker from the guys at NBA on TNT:


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