For Fathers: 5 Things Your Daughter Needs to Hear


When I saw this post, my heart was touched. Reading via recommendation from a professor, I was moved by these words. And this is without having daughters. I have no children. I am not married. While the latter will, by God’s will, not be so on June 8th of this year, the former is not too far beyond my future wife and I. By God’s grace we will have children and I am praying for them already. This post is intended for fathers with daughters. Daniel Darling suggests five things daughters need to hear from their fathers. I have jotted these down and will keep them in mind as my future wife and I prepare for marriage and eventual parenthood. Fathers, this is a helpful resource to aid you in your biblical desire to lead your wife and children. And if you have daughters…you would be wise to read this post in its entirety.

As a side note…Having a sister and recently experiencing the divorce of our parents, I can affirm that this is exactly what a daughter needs to hear and when she doesn’t, there can be devastating consequences.

To summarize the gist of the article, below are the five things a daughter needs to hear from her father according to Daniel Darling. Fathers, take heed to these simple, yet stunning and biblical statements:

1. You are beautiful and you are loved.

2. Your mother is beautiful and she is loved.

3. You belong to God and were created for his glory.

4. You are forgiven.

5. You are accepted.

Read the rest here: 5 Things Every Daughter Needs to Hear


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