How Not To Read Your Bible In 2013: Wise Words from Matt Smethurst

“When it comes to daily (or not-so-daily) Bible reading, January 1 can be a welcome arrival. A new year signals a new start. You’re motivated to freshly commit to what you know is of indispensable importance: the Word of God.

Yet this isn’t the first time you’ve felt this way. You were entertaining pretty similar thoughts 365 days ago. And 365 days before that. And 365 days . . . you know how it goes.

So what’s going to make 2013 different? What, under God, will keep you plodding along in April this year when staying power has generally vanished in Aprils of yore? From one stumbling pilgrim to another, here are five suggestions for what not to do in 2013.”

The beginning of a New Year will bring with it a slew of Bible reading plans. Many pastors and Christian leaders will be pouring out their years of godly wisdom on how to be disciplined in reading the Bible in 2013. This is vital counsel as it is much easier to ignore the reading of the holy Scriptures than it is to be diligent in communing with God through the reading of his Word.

However, Matt Smethurst (The Gospel Coalition), has given some even more valuable insight into what it will take to read the Bible obediently and effectively in 2013. In his blog post, How Not To Read Your Bible In 2013, Smethurst gives 5 suggestions of what not to do when reading the Bible in this New Year:

1.   Don’t Overextend

2.  Don’t Do It Alone

3.  Don’t Just Do It Whenever

4.  Don’t Live As If Paul Lied

5.  Don’t Turn A Means Of Grace Into A Means of Merit

If you have a reading plan set up to begin tomorrow, or plan on reading the Bible in 2013, then this is a valuable post for you. I have benefited greatly as it is one more slice of valuable bread to put on my plate as I head into this new year.


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