Bible Reading Plans for 2013

Glasses on Open BibleWith a new year upon us, there are many people who will be making “New Year resolutions”. These resolutions will vary from person to person. Most will have something to do with quitting bad habits (smoking, indulging in food and drink, etc.), exercise and weight loss, and spiritual re-commitments. For Christians, all of these are noble pursuits. Quitting bad habits and striving for healthier ones while exercising more and indulging in food and drink less is important in order for us to glorify God in our bodies (1 Cor. 6:20). We should commit ourselves to glorifying God in all of life and this includes at the dinner table, in the gym, and while surfing the Internet.

Measures indeed should be taken to fight sins of 2012 at the outset of 2013. And one way to fight this sin, along with fervent prayer and godly counsel from wise brothers and sisters, is to seriously and radically read the Bible. I consider radical reading of the Word of God to include daily discipline and meticulous meditation. The first of these two aspects of radical Bible reading can be supplemented by a Bible reading plan. Many of you may have already chosen one to use for 2013. Justin Taylor has written an extremely helpful post concerning Bible reading plans for 2013. I can do no better than he concerning this topic and I will not attempt to do so. I will simply list the plans that he has advocated for as viable options for reading through the Bible this coming year. I recommend that you take time to check out his entire post as he comments on each and every plan he lists.

Undecided, Yet Decided

As for me, I am still undecided. I have used a chronological Bible reading plan before and enjoyed it. I slacked in my reading throughout the year, so I may need to use the “slacker’s Bible reading plan” that Taylor has included on his list. I am down to deciding between two plans to use. I will either be using George Guthrie’s “Read the Bible for Life Chronological Reading Plan” or the classic “M’Cheyne Reading Plan” which offers the privilege of reading in four different books each day. While I am uncertain and undecided about which plan I will be using, I am firm and decided in the decision of whether I will read or not. Lord willing and by his grace, I most certainly will be reading through the Bible this year. I still have a few hours to decide, so you still have time to decide as well. One thing is certain; growing closer in relationship with God can be done in no better way in this fallen world than through his self-revelation in the Holy Scriptures. Communion with God is so joyfully sweet when you are feasting on Christ, the Word made flesh, who is the Bread of Life (John 1:1, 14; 6:35). Use one of these reading plans to eat and be satisfied.

Bible Reading Plan Options for 2013

 Stephen Witmer’s Two Year Bible Reading Plan

Read the Bible for Life Chronological Bible Reading Plan

M’Cheyne Bible Reading Plan

The Bible-Eater Plan

The Bible Reading Plan for Shirkers and Slackers

Bible Reading Plans for ESV Editions



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