Miscellaneous Monday: 12/10

Cousins Leads Comeback After RGIII’s Injury – Most NFL experts have expressed concern over the Washington Redskins’ quarterback, Robert Griffin III, and his style of play for quite some time now. While we have all been dazzled by his game-changing throws and runs, it is apparent that his wild scrambling will eventually lead to a catastrophic injury. All Redskins football fans had that scare nearly come to a reality in yesterday’s win over the Baltimore Ravens. Griffin went down late in the game as the Redskins were surging. Following his injury, rookie back-up QB Kirk Cousins entered the game with 45 seconds remaining. This evangelical Christian excelled under the pressure of the 4th quarter against a typically tough defense and tied the game up. The Skins went on to win in OT. Among all of the action on Sunday, I found this to be the most compelling story.

One Cowboy Dead, Another Arrested in DUI Accident – This past weekend presented us with another tragic event in the NFL. After the travesty of the murder-suicide in Kansas City just one week behind us, the NFL experiences another tragedy. Jerry Brown, a defensive end with the Dallas Cowboys was killed in a car accident. The car was driven by his teammate Josh Brent. Brent was given a sobriety test and he was arrested and charged with intoxicated manslaughter. This only attests to the evils of alcohol abuse. Drunkenness leads to nothing but chaos, turmoil, destruction, and devastation. Sometimes these effects are not felt immediately as in the case of domestic abuse that may take months or even years to elevate. However, other times the effects are immediate as in this case with a young football player dying as a result of his teammate and friend driving drunk. My prayers go out to the Brown family in the wake of this tragedy as well as to the countless Americans who are directly affected by the effects of alcohol abuse. Check out the story linked above. Brent faces the possibility of 20 years in prison if found guilty.

Resolute Collegiate Conference – This is a missions conference held at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary on Feb. 15-16, 2013. Speakers include: John Piper, R. Albert Mohler, and Russell Moore. Enough said. If you are able to register, you would be crazy to miss this!

To Those Hurting This Christmas – Christmas is usually a time of joy and celebration—as it should be since we are celebrating Immanuel (“God with us”). However, the pain of the loss of a child or any other loss can cloud the joy that should come from our hearts. If you find yourself in this boat, this is an excellent post for you from the folks at Desiring God.

Kindle Fire – If you are looking to purchase a Kindle Fire this Christmas season, do not miss this one day deal. Save $50 by using the coupon code FIREHD89.


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