Miscellaneous Monday: 12/3

BCS Bomb – With Northern Illinois heading to the Orange Bowl, did the BCS prove itself to be a debacle? LSU, Oklahoma, and Georgia all are outside of the BCS bowls. The playoff system could not get here sooner.

From 8th to OUT?! – The Kentucky Wildcats men’s basketball team has made history. However, it isn’t something to brag about. They have dropped from 8th in the AP poll to completely out of the top 25—the largest such drop of any team in the history of the AP poll. This breaks a 61 week streak of consecutive appearances in the Top 25. During the Calipari era, no UK team has been ranked lower than 22nd. UK is out of the AP top 25 for the first time since the final poll of the 2008-2009 season. Needless to say, Big Blue Nation is not happy. However, we are all a bit spoiled from last year’s unique freshman led championship team. Teams like that do not come around very often, yet in the Bluegrass state, we expect nothing but the best. Perhaps we should show a little grace and, I don’t know, maybe use our minds and understand that this team is not as good as last year’s.

Charlie Batch Showing Steelers Grit – Back-up quarterback Charlie Batch gave us a feel good moment in the Steelers’ comeback victory over the division-leading Baltimore Ravens. See his emotional reaction to the victory as it might be his last ever as a starting QB.

How Did This Happen?: The Family Crisis as a Theological Crisis – Albert Mohler’s latest installment on his blog addresses the crisis in American families and discusses how this is also, more deeply, a theological crisis. Consequently, this is an issue of the church and we must be a light in the darkness of the dismantlement of the family.

Is Twilight Good for Girls? – A question that Russell Moore asks after noticing some themes in the book/movie series that seems to put women in some “dangerous” situations. While countless young girls flock to theatres and books stores, are they subtly learning a womanhood that is sub-par and far from the Bible’s definition of womanhood? Read this and the related article (see below) and see if you would have your daughter read or watch Twilight.


Lessons Girls Learn from Twilight – Maybe I am just not a big vampire fanatic, but here are 20 unfortunate lessons that girls learn from Twilight. Enjoy! And Twilight fans…put on your tough skin!


Advent is Slow–On Purpose – If you struggle with the daily, seemingly slow process of Advent, read this encouraging and refreshing post from Desiring God. Also, if you need a joyful, beneficial Advent devotional, I would encourage you to check out a recent post of mine which includes a wonderful and free Advent e-book.

woman sending text message.jpg

Happy 20th Birthday, Text Message – Just for fun…


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