Advent 2012: Do it for Joy

With the Christmas season upon us and Christmas itself approaching, it is easy for even the most ardent Christian to miss the unfathomable event of Jesus’ birth. I love means of grace which refocus my attention on God and his glories. Advent booklets are a tremendous source for keeping our minds and hearts focused on the glory of God in the Incarnation. Jesus came to “save his people from their sins” (Matt. 1:21). We mustn’t forget this. It is easy to turn our attention to Christmas tradition and become numb to the glory of God in Jesus. The apex of human history is found in the birth of Jesus, for he was born to live and to die.

John Piper and Desiring God have released a rich Advent ebook for the 2012 Advent season. It begins on December 2nd. I pray that you all will use this ebook with me this Christmas season in order to have your joy be full as you focus on the Joy-Giver. Beware the temptation to be spiritually lazy and absent this Christmas season. Be prepared for Christmas this year. This Advent booklet will help. It is to focus on the glory of God in the Incarnation and it is for our joy. Enjoy.

Good News of Great Joy



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