Unreached Peoples 10/18: Arora, Hindu of India

Arora, Hindu Peoples of India

Population Language Religion % Christian % Evangelical Audio N.T. Jesus Film Progress
4,115,000 Hindi Hinduism 0.00 0.00 Yes Yes 1.1

Without faith in Jesus Christ, these 4,115,000 Hindu peoples will perish eternally. Without the gospel of Jesus Christ, they cannot have faith in him. Without the grace of God, these people are dead in their sin. Nevertheless, God has a people among the Arora of India. There is a remnant of this sinful and idolatrous people that belongs to God Almighty. They have been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb who was slain. He deserves their praise. May we not withhold glory from God and joy from these people by remaining idle in our lives. Intentionally pray for the Arora of India today. Learn about them and identify with them. These are real people and without a Savior, like you and I once were, they will remain in sin and stand condemned before holy God. Jesus has sheep that are still not in the fold. May he bring them in through the prayers and actions of his saints. Pray for them. Send to them. Go to them. All for the glory of God and the eternal joy of all peoples that is found only in him.

Introduction / History
“The crowning glory of the Aroras is the elevation of Dr. Manmohan Singh as the Prime Minister of India, who is an Arora. His elevation as prime minister is a tribute to the Indian democracy in which a man who belongs to a family that became penniless after the 1947 Partition rose to become prime minister. It also speaks of the grit and determination of the Arora community in which parents attach a lot of importance to education for their wards and instill in them a desire to live a life of dignity and honor.”

What are their lives like?
There have been many times in history when the Arora people have been violently persecuted. Their people were slaughtered during both the Arab and the Moghul invasions of the Subcontinent. Arora Hindus and Sikhs had to flee with nothing but the clothes they were wearing during the bloody Partition of India in 1947. Those who arrived in India were often taken advantage of by India’s more powerful communities.

These are a resilient people, and they managed to become an influential community in India. Today, many of them are prominent in the areas of business, education, medicine, finance, technology, engineering, manufacturing, entertainment, and the armed forces. Why do they seem to rise to the top? Most likely it’s because of their rigorous work ethic. It could also be because of their insistence on making sure that their children get a higher education.

What are their beliefs?
The Aroras are divided into three religions (Hinduism, Islam and Sikhism), yet they are open to visiting the sacred places of other religious communities. They are noted for their religious tolerance, yet very few have embraced Christ as the only way to salvation.

Prayer Points
* Pray that prominent Arora from all three religious communities will find Jesus to be the only way to eternal life.
* Pray that God will rise up Arora believers as His ambassadors to those without Christ throughout the subcontinent.

Key Scripture

“And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to the nations and then the end will come.” – Matthew 24:14


Information courtesy of Joshua Project

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