Unreached Peoples 10/1: Chrame of China

I must admit that not only have I been slacking in posting about unreached peoples, I have been slacking in praying for unreached peoples. This is so common in evangelical Christianity. We have maybe a week or a month that we dedicate to missions or prayer for missions and the unreached, but we do not commit ourselves to daily prayer for the peoples who have yet to hear the life-giving message of the gospel. We should be shaken and gripped by the reality that millions in our world have yet to hear the name of the King of kings and Lord of lords. Christ is not proclaimed or worshiped among these peoples and this should be appalling to us. As I recommit myself to daily prayer for unreached peoples, I pray that you do the same. My re-commitment is the result of seeing God for who he is in the Bible. When I see him for who he is, I worship. I bow. I praise. I weep. And then I want the whole earth to be filled with his glory and I want every tongue to sing praises to the Lamb who was slain! Therefore, I will pray for the unreached. I will pray for God to call his chosen people to himself. I will pray for his name to be praised in the most dangerous places on this earth because he is Lord and he is worthy of praise. I encourage you to do the same. Start this evening. Begin tonight. As you look outside in the black of night, feel the weight of how dark the souls of the unreached are as they are without the light of the world. Pray for morning to dawn in their hearts as the gospel goes forth. And as you rise with the morning sun, praise God that he is just and the justifier of all who have faith in Christ. Pray for the gospel to penetrate the unreached for he has a people among every people group.

I begin today with the Chrame peoples of China. Learn about them. Pray for them. Weep over them. And if possible, go to them.

Joshua Project – Chrame of China

By His Grace for all Peoples–For His Glory among all Peoples–For the Joy of all Peoples


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