Miscellaneous Monday: 8/6

Test Your Wives – An excellent little test for husbands to give their wives. You will find that these questions will be much harder on the husbands than it will be the wives. If you are seeking gospel-focused conversations with your wife or, if like me, you are preparing for marriage, this is a great tool to grow as “one flesh” as you provide the world with a beautiful picture of Christ and His church.

Interview with R.C. Sproul – Excellent interview given by Tim Challies that is definitely worth checking out. I love Dr. Sproul’s response to this question: “If you had five minutes to talk with the pope, what would you say or ask? Five minutes.”

Piper and Keller on Sanctification Part 1 & Part 2 – If you click on any of these links, these two videos are a must.

Radical Living: Healthy and Unhealthy Perspectives – This is a very helpful video interview with David Platt, Pastor at The Church at Brook Hills, concerning radical living. David describes both a healthy way in which you should compare yourself to other believers and an unhealthy way in which you should avoid comparing yourself to others. Very helpful.


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