Miscellaneous Monday: 7/9

Renewed Vision at First Baptist Church East Bernstadt – God-centered, Christ-exalting, gospel-motivated goals and vision laid out by Pastor Norm Brock yesterday. Thankful for his leadership and obedience to God. Over 6,500 unreached people groups in our world and the church at FBCEB has committed herself to take the gospel to them while evangelizing those in our community daily. It will take radical commitment to Christ in order to see the goals accomplished and this is exactly what God has called us to as His people. By God’s grace we are saved and by grace we are empowered to live in obedience to God’s Word. See how Pastor Norm envisions us doing so as a local church.

How Romans 8 Helps Trip Lee – Another video interview with Trip Lee from Desiring God which is remarkable. This is just another reason why I support Trip Lee and his ministry through his music. He discusses fighting sin and how Romans 8 is a huge help when he is struggling with temptation and sin. This is definitely worth watching and be sure to read Romans 8 to see where Trip’s joy is coming from.

Some Proven Weapons in the Fight for Holiness – John Piper outlines five biblical promises that are helpful when fighting sin and temptation on a daily basis. As you prepare to fight sin today, fill your arsenal with these promises and add to it with the countless promises of God found in the Sword we are to wield (Eph. 6:17).

Sinners in a Fishbowl – This is a post focused on PK’s (preacher’s kids). However, everyone in the church needs to read this. This is a sobering article that draws attention to the struggles PKs face. Written by a PK, Barnabas Piper honestly describes what it is like to live life as a PK and the two major temptations that result from their place in life as a church leader’s child. “Pastors wage a spiritual war, and too often their kids are either the weapons in the devil’s hands or the casualties.” Pray for your church’s PKs today.

Killing the Sin of Anger – 18th century theologian, pastor, and Great Awakening leader Jonathan Edwards gives tremendous help to those of us who are struggling with the sin of anger. If you are angry with someone today, take time to briefly enter the gifted and Spirit-filled heart and mind of Edwards as he exhorts to us how to fight anger. Post courtesy of Radical.

By His Grace — For His Glory — For our Joy


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