A New and Refreshing Voice

Beginning today, there will be a new voice here on True Satisfaction. While I (Mathew) have been writing all of the posts and organizing the blog, my fiance, Erica Christian, is going to begin writing during the week as well. We have decided to update the blog at least once every day except on Sundays. The material will remain the same with, I am sure, a much-needed added flame for world missions and unreached people groups. Erica has a heart for the nations and is eager to decrease as Christ increases as she proclaims His gospel truth through this blog. Her female voice is exactly what this blog needs and her perspective on life, Scripture, God, the gospel, etc. will be refreshing. As we are preparing for marriage, this will be a productive way that we can as a team articulate the gospel, grow our faith, all the while discipling others. Erica takes sin and the fight for holiness very seriously and is determined to obey her Master and Father, particularly in the carrying out of the Great Commission. It is such a joy for me to talk to her each day about Scripture, God, worship, salvation, theology, and life in general. It is foolish for me to keep her wisdom, insight, and joyful nature to myself; therefore I am opening this blog to her soft, tender touch. I pray her voice in this blog would bring her joy, bring you encouragement, and bring God glory.

To reiterate the purpose of this blog, I will briefly detail what we will be discussing and striving for:

1. Unreached People Groups

2. Sanctification

3. Exposition of Scripture

4. Prayer/Worship

5. Exalting the sufficiency and satisfaction of Jesus Christ

May God help us and use this blog for the advancement of His Kingdom and the exaltation of His Name among the nations, for His glory and their eternal joy.


It was truly joyful to change the tagline from “Daily Thoughts of a Christian Hedonist” to “Daily Thoughts of Christian Hedonists” Now that was awesome! May you see our satisfaction in Jesus above all else. And let’s face it, anything that she aids me in turns out way better than what I was doing on my own! She is beautiful because of Christ in her and she will make this blog beautiful because of Christ in her! And, hey, she is definitely easy on the eyes!

By His Grace — For His Glory — For our Joy


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