A Tiny Ant on a Grand Stage

In preparing for worship this morning and in light of my morning reading that I have sorrowfully been neglecting over the past few weeks, my heart and mind is set on viewing myself properly and God properly. Before I sing praises to my King, I want to reiterate to my heart and mind that I am a hopeless sinner deserving nothing but utter and eternal destruction for defaming God’s Name and willingly disregarding and disobeying His holy law that is both in my hands and on my heart. I also need to see God for who He truly is. He is holy. He is worthy. He is without blemish or sin. He is perfect in love and kindness. His grace is abounding, powerful, and saving. His mercy is tender and beautiful. His justification of sinners is humbling and awesome. He is a fountain of joy that is overflowing in abundance. His glory is like no other. He is high above everyone else. He is God and He has ransomed a people for Himself by the redeeming and atoning blood of Jesus Christ. His holy and perfect sacrifice is the definition of love and the highest exalting of God’s glory.

This morning I want to feel like a tiny ant, no, even smaller; I wish to feel like a tiny crumb that a tiny ant feasts on. I want to feel like a microscopic dust particle in the infinite and glorious realm of God’s theater. As He sits on in glory on His throne, I just pray that my puny cries and my flawed voice may reach His hearing. O, but in joy and faith I know that they will! I know that I have nothing to offer and yet He receives glory because He has given me everything! I know that my praises will reach His hearing and His heart will be pleased as I sing of His glory and of His majesty; how He is high and lifted up! Even in my singing, I pray that I will totally forget myself and that all of my being would be focused and centered on the immeasurable riches of God’s grace and glory! Your Name is great! As I stand to lift praises, may my thoughts be this: “I am a sinner. You are God. By your grace I am saved.” May your people who have been ransomed by the redeeming blood of the great Lamb who was slain sing with one voice to lift you up and in the process, humble us at your feet. Jesus, You are deserving of worship! May this pitiful excuse for a man, this lowly worm please You by lifting up Your great Name and exalting Your glory! Be glorified in this day and draw sinners to Yourself!

Pastors: Preach the gospel and do not withhold its exposition.

Church: Exalt the name of Jesus and treat the Lord’s Day with proper reverence.

By His Grace – For His Glory – For our Joy


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