Food for Thought Thursday: 7/5

The Presence of the Lamb and the Sufferings of Hell – In this latest blog post from Desiring God, John Piper presents and unfolds a paradox in the nature of the sufferings of hell. He details how the suffering will be suffering because of the absence of the presence of the Lord and the presence of the Lamb. Read this short post on hell, suffering, and the nature of why it is so.

Radical Small Group Study – Do not miss this! David Platt and Lifeway have partnered to release this small group study based on a combination of his two ground-shaking books, Radical and Radical Together. If you have not read either of these books then I highly recommend you do so. In the context of a small group study would be ideal! Pastors, youth leaders, and any teacher in the church, consider this as a fall discipleship class to grow your church and develop David’s passion for the glory of God to be proclaimed among all peoples of all nations.

Count Robert de La Rouchefoucauld – This is an obituary that you MUST read! Few action fiction stories have had me on the edge of my seat the way this true obituary of this man’s life has. In the words of Albert Mohler, “An obituary you really need to read. Seriously. Very seriously.”

4 Reasons Men Like Porn – Ever wonder what lies in the depths of the hearts of men who continually run to porn? Here are four reasons why men enjoy porn as well as four helpful accountability questions with four ways you can use these reasons and questions to lead someone to the all-sufficient, ever-satisfying glory of God found in Jesus Christ.

“It is not very sound theology to confine a man’s thoughts so much to himself, and not to set before him, as the prime motive of his existence, zeal to show forth the glory of God. For we are born first of all for God, and not for ourselves.” – John Calvin


One thought on “Food for Thought Thursday: 7/5

  1. well, i have not engaged with any of these and now you are going to have me spending money – saw a David Platt quote on Facebook the other day that would suggest that I am going to go this way…

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