Food For Thought Thursday: 6/28

Cure for Trivial Pursuits – So often in life we have instances where we seem overwhelmed with such petty issues. We get upset when someone will not answer the phone when we call. We get upset when the internet is slow. We fret over how we look and what others think of us. There are so many petty trivial pursuits in life that bog us down. Gloria Furman (who is quickly becoming my favorite female writer) gives her experiences and thoughts on trivial pursuits and the cure that God has for them all. Indeed it is grace. Allow her to probe your mind and heart today on this issue!

Meditation on Isaiah 42:21 – This short post from John Piper gives seven points from his meditation on Isaiah 42:21. Piper exhorts us to consider God’s call for us to practice righteousness and rejoice in Him. You will see how these two callings are in fact one united call. Yet another excellent meditation from Piper.

Can Singing About the Gospel Become Rote? – Bob Kauflin outlines what our worship services should be filled with, namely, exaltation of the King of kings and Lord of lords. May we be forever tied to our Savior Jesus Christ and may our singing reflect His glory rather than the accurate pictures of doctrine that represent Him. Kauflin warns that giving sole attention to singing about the doctrine of the gospel  while ignoring other facets of God can lead to mundane and faithless worship. In Kauflin’s words, “we are not crowning the gospel with many crowns.” Sing about Jesus, our Savior King.

Sexual Design – Douglas Wilson, pastor of Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho, was invited to speak in Bloomington, Indiana at Indiana University on sexuality from a biblical perspective. This link leads to lectures and a very long Q & A session which highlights the primarily hateful atmosphere stirred by Wilson’s audience. These “dissenters” demonstrated their disapproval of Wilson’s message “in word in action.” 2 Corinthians 4:4-6 will come to mind as you observe the differing tones and attitudes of Wilson and his audience. It is a very entertaining session to say the least.


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