Miscellaneous Monday: 6/25

Can Christians Use Birth Control? – This article was originally posted by Albert Mohler in 2006 and was reposted upon request earlier this month. This is an evangelical Christian position on contraceptives and gives consideration to certain Catholic positions. This is a great article for any engaged Christian couples who are considering whether or not to use birth control. This is a classic Mohler article where he graciously gives attention to both positions. His wide Biblical scope on this issue is briefly probed in this article which in fact has cleared up some recent doubts that my fiancé and I have had about the use of contraceptives in our approaching marriage. This is my favorite quote from the article and sums it up pretty well: “Therefore, Christians may make careful and discriminating use of proper technologies, but must never buy into the contraceptive mentality. We can never see children as problems to be avoided, but always as gifts to be welcomed and received.”

When Homosexuality Became a Man – Excellent article by Jon Bloom as he reflects on his friendship with Joe Hallett. Jon outlines his friendship with this man who struggled with the sinful lifestyle of homosexuality. This is a great article for evangelical Christians who wonder how they should minister to and treat men and women who are living in homosexuality, particularly those who are seeking Christ. What a struggle it is for them to live in a society that would condemn them for turning their back on homosexuality to follow Christ. In fact, this is what Christ has called us to do; turn our back on sin (repent), believe, and follow Him. This is an amazing story of love and grace. Joe Hallett did not waste his life…or his AIDS.

Win Some Books – Desiring God has released a contest that gives you the opportunity to win a 75 dollar gift card to Lifeway. Follow this link for more details on the instructions of the contest. Basically, all you need to do to enter the contest is submit either a comment on Facebook or send them an email with a quote, within the Reformed tradition relating to the gospel and sanctification, which has affected or changed your life. This gives you an opportunity to reflect, research, and reminisce books you may have read or quotes you came across which may have led you to Christ or greatly influenced your theology or faith.

Message of the Bible in 221 Words – I have been spending a lot of time over at the Desiring God blog and in the process have ran across some deep and heart-filling posts. This post is without question one of the most refreshing. The title itself is intriguing and the language is compelling. Check out this post from Desiring God as they excerpt D.A. Carson’s 221 word Bible message.

Helpless Sacks of Sand – Why do we sleep? Have you ever thought about it? Tim Challies has recently. Check out this post from his popular Christian blog as he ponders the purpose of sleep. I think he has it right. We need sleep. God does not need sleep. Our dependence on Him is illuminated in the dark of slumber of sleep. In essence, feel the light tone of this article as Challies (with the help of John Piper) expounds on the serious and heavy truth that sleep is another and obvious example that distinguishes us from God. Challies is spot on and this post is a great reminder. Consider this daily aspect of our lives and how you can glorify God through it.

But what I do know, is that when I go to bed tonight, it will be a reminder that I am not God.”  – Tim Challies


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