From the Hymnal Friday: June 8th

Friday is always a special day for the working-man as it signifies the end of a week of labor and an entrance into a weekend of relaxation and joy. Hopefully, most of you find joy in your job, but frankly for most this isn’t the case. My favorite thing about Fridays is getting a chance to listen to worship and praise music. Yes, I do listen to music each morning and throughout my meditation and reading times, but on Fridays I like to go a little deeper into the music and pull up some lyrics as I sing to them. This provides me with added joy, especially after a time of reading the Word and letting it soak into my weak and dried up soul after a week of learning, communicating the gospel, and working. Today I want to provide you with five songs that are on the top of my playlist everyday. These five songs would be numbered 1-5 in specific order in my own personal hymnal. If there are five songs that give me chills and cause me to lift my arms to represent the joy my heart feels as it is lifted to praise the King, they are these five songs:

1. We the Redeemed – A song performed by Hillsong with lyrics that shake the very ground you stand on. It is a joyous praise from the saints as we join together to lift our praises to our God for His wondrous deeds. Whenever you question, you can be certain that God is your answer and this song is an answer to a weak, weary, and joyless soul. Listen to this sound of the redeemed!

2. Awesome God – It doesn’t get more simple than this. In a world that can be so confusing and misleading, and even with the recent rift within the SBC (without a doubt over Calvinism) we can all sit back (or stand up) and agree with one another that our God is an awesome God. We can joyfully agree that He reigns from heaven above with wisdom, power, and love. For our God is an Awesome God!

3. All I Need Is You – Oh wow! This song reflects radical dependence of a people desperate and hopeless without a Savior. In the chaos of everyday life as Satan throws countless temptations our way, we need to get back to this song. Where is your satisfaction found? If God is your treasure, then you will be His pleasure. While Satan questions God’s authority in every temptation (Genesis 3; Matthew 4), God is our all-sufficient and overflowing spring of living water. May we sit at His riverbank and drink joyfully as we express utter dependence. All we need is You, Lord!

4. We Are the Body – I love this song by Mandi Mapes. She is a talented artist with a sweet voice that creates a pleasant and joyful worship environment. Her humble tone and strong, yet soft and genuine voice effectively communicates the message of this biblically rich song. It is a song of declarations. “We are the body of Christ.” Oh yes, that we are! Declarations in this song range from what we as the body have been commanded to do to who we actually are. We are the bride of a Savior. We do indeed fall for the King of the Kingdom. We bring living water to the thirsty. These joyful declarations gladly communicate what the Body does, as children of the Most High God saved by grace. However, the tone is not one of frustration, but rather one of expectation. We, the body of Christ, are expected to live as a joyful bride running to meet our worthy bridegroom. And above all, He is mighty and He is worthy. This song should be commended for its exaltation of the King of kings. King Jesus is greatly glorified in this song.

5. The Father’s Heart – I know I am on a Hillsong kick, but the beauty and pure humble worship that they evoke is uncanny. I cannot help but raise my voice and arms in worship of our great and holy God to the lyrics of these songs. They are simply beautiful. This is because they are rooted in the Word of God. They encourage a joyful worship of God. How appropriate this is! Our worship of God should be nothing but joyful and a rejoicing celebration. He is God and He is worthy of our genuine worship. I will close by allowing this song to speak for itself. Enter your weekend in joy, but not out of relief from being away from your workplace for a few days. Instead, enter it with joy by praising the King of kings and Lord of lords. While you are tired, weak, and weary, He is strong; as strong as He was when He spoke the universe into existence. Praise this worthy God on this Friday with all of your heart, soul, and mind. And from this worship experience, enjoy a weekend of relaxation, peace, and joy under His divine sovereignty. His grace, love, and mercy never fail. May we say with David, “I will bless the LORD at all times; his praise shall continually be in my mouth” (Psalm 34:1).

Verse 1:
When the walls close in around me
Let Your glory light the darkness of my night
When the suffering’s all that I see
May I walk with You by faith and not by sight

Verse 2:
On the throne of sweet surrender
I have nothing but to offer You my life
Greater love I have not found it
Oh by mercy You have eased this troubled mind
Open hearted I will search and I will find

Sin is broken
The lost now chosen
The Father’s heart

Verse 3:
Humble king You go before me
By Your grace I stand for everything that’s true
Through Your Son I am made worthy
There’s no other who can love me like You do
And forever I keep running back to You

Sin is broken
The lost now chosen
The Father’s heart

Sin is broken
The lost now chosen
The father’s heart

You reign
You reign in all the earth


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