Miscellaneous Monday: June 4th

Outstanding Host – On this first Monday in June, I must give props to my dad and those who worked the baseball/softball 13th Region Tournament this past week. Taking a small role in working during this tournament, I was enlightened into how much work my dad actually puts in. I have literally never seen anyone work so hard to make sure a tournament runs smoothly. This article by Les Dixon gives due credit to my dad and other vital workers in this year’s tournament. South Laurel truly was a great host and they have a great Athletic Director to be proud of. As the South Laurel baseball team heads to Lexington tonight in preparation for their state tournament game tomorrow night, I send my congratulations and encouragement with you. Play like kids in terms of enjoyment. Play like men in terms of respect.

Why So Many Men Are Addicted to Porn and Video Games – This is a topic that is avoided by so many parents, teachers, deacons, and pastors simply because it is uncomfortable to talk about. I feel we need to get comfortable because Satan is luring young boys, young men, and old men by plagiarizing two realities of sex and war. Satan tempts us with good impulses in order to twist them so they fit his evil purpose, namely, defaming the name of God. Russell Moore provides us with a great article concerning these two addictions which are gripping a generation of men as they are living as slaves to these sins. A man who learns to be a lover through porn will simultaneously love everyone and no one. A man obsessed with violent gaming can learn to fight everyone and no one.” – Russell Moore

Preparing For Marriage – I have noticed multiple couples that I know personally who have recently married. I offer my congratulations to you all. However, for those of us who are preparing for marriage, whether you are engaged, dating, or even single, this article provides excellent questions to consider before marriage. I know that Erica and I have gone through most of these questions, but this resource is a great reminder and an awesome conversation topic to allow your relationship to grow deeper. John Piper does an excellent job in this article written in 2009 of forcing you to think and consider the depths of your relationship or what you would want in a relationship.

Awesome Video – Have you ever pondered the aspects of creation that you cannot even see? Think about it. Consider the depths of the ocean and the new species being discovered nearly every day. Consider the vastness of the universe and the countless worlds and galaxies in all their majesty. Our God is a creator God. This video will give you some perspective on life and force you to stand in awe of a glorious creator God. As you are amazed at the images of space Francis Chan goes through in this video, realize that everything you see is a glorious reflection of the glory of our holy God.

New Life For Boston – I close this Miscellaneous Monday with an article on last night’s Boston Celtics/Miami Heat Eastern Conference Finals game 4. With Miami leading 2-1, they had the opportunity to close the series (basically) by heading back to South Beach with a commanding 3-1 series lead. There is no doubt, as last night proved and nearly every night prove that LeBron James is the most talented basketball player in the world. His skills are unreal and physique like few others in the history of the NBA (Magic Johnson maybe). However, if the Heat, who have two of the top five players in the NBA, are to win this series to begin their promised string of championships, LeBron James needs to be LeBron James from quarter 1 to quarter 4. I would love to see LeBron take a game winning shot or make a game winning play, even if he failed. Nevertheless, this series heads back to Miami tied 2-2 with Boston scraping by although playing very well. I am looking forward to seeing what this series spells out for the Heat.

By His Grace — For His Glory — For our Joy


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