From the Hymnal: Great Is Your Faithfulness

ANOTHER addition is being made to my ever-increasing, God-exalting, and joyful cyber-hymnal. Once again, I am venturing to the album The God We Praise to worship my great and holy God today. This album released by the music team with the Church at Brook Hills is precious to me and has been an excellent source of worship and praise for me in these past few weeks. They have exactly what is proper and what I crave in worship songs: Scripture-saturated lyrics. As you should know by now, I love lyrics/poetry set to music. One particular song that I will give focus to today is appropriate and sheds light on the biblical truths of God’s faithfulness.

God is faithful. He is always faithful. His faithfulness never ceases. His faithfulness neither increases nor decreases for it is infinitely as great today as it was before creation as it will be for trillions of years in the glory of paradise following Christ’s return. He is faithful to His elect even when we are faithless to Him. We may fail in exalting and delighting in His glory, but He never does. This is good news for us. If God was not faithful, we could not be confident and hope would be non-existent. Since God is faithful, we can place all of our faith and hope in Him. He was faithful to predestine out of grace and love a people for Himself. God is faithful to call, justify, and glorify those He has chosen (Romans 8:29-30). This provides great joy for the Christian as he or she can confidently hope in Jesus Christ! God is faithful to certainly finish the good work which He has started in us (Philippians 1:6). Our LORD indeed is a God of mercy and grace, who is slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness (Exodus 34:6; Psalm 86:15). May we all desire to walk in the faithfulness of the Lord (Psalm 26:3). We can be sure that all of the works of God are done in His faithfulness (Psalm 33:4). May we continually tell of His faithfulness as we are preserved by it (Psalm 40:10-11). And as we sing, may we teach of His faithfulness to all generations (Psalm 89:1). God’s faithfulness is saving as is clear in Romans 8:29-30 as well as Psalm 69:13. This God of faithfulness never changes as the same faithfulness which He demonstrated to David, He pours out on the rest of His flock (Psalm 89:49). Oh, from cover to cover of the Bible, it resounds: GOD is Faithful!! GOD is Faithful!! And it endures forever (Psalm 117:1-2). Why is He faithful? because He loves us (Jeremiah 31:3). We can be certain that God’s faithfulness does not depend on our obedience or faithfulness (Romans 3:3). He is faithful regardless if we are faithful or not (2 Timothy 2:13). How glorious and gracious this is! For, oh how aware His children are that they are at times faithless to God.

The lyrics of this song are each so precious in nature. They were obviously carefully written and the Word was obviously prayerfully meditated over in the song’s preparation. As you have clearly seen the great faithfulness of this Holy God, I pray that you will lift your hands in praise because without His faithfulness there would be no salvation and we would have nothing to place our confidence in. Praise Him to the beautiful, biblical, and truthful words of this song! Side Note: The final two stanzas should spark an emotional form of worship in my opinion. Tears are fine, and expected! Enjoy!

Great Is Your Faithfulness (written by: Josh Poore & Jim Watkins)

Great is your faithfulness

Your mercies never end

With each new day

They come again

Your endless love is strong

Sure as the coming dawn

Your faithfulness

Will be my song


As you have been

Forever you will be

Great is your faithfulness

Always oh lord to me

Morning by morning

New mercies still I see

Great is your faithfulness to me


Great is my sinfulness

No good I have to give

But by your grace

Now I can live

You are my righteousness

The pardon for my sin

Your presence here

My king and friend


Great is your faithfulness

Always oh Lord to me

Morning by morning

New mercies still I see

And though my heart may fail

You will my portion be

Great is Your faithfulness to me


Your promise stands forever

We will declare together

Your Name alone is great

And greatly to be praised

Lyrics courtesy of:

By His Grace — For His Glory — For our Joy


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