The Worth, Value, and Glory of God: Introduction

It continues to amaze me how people, including myself at times, can just casually show up at worship services, read the Bible and a devotional every morning, take part in church activities, and deliberately live a life of sin. We will verbally express that we believe in, trust in, and love God, but our lives do not match up. For some, their lives do not match up at all. Now, I am not even approaching an alignment of our lives with how the Bible calls us to live. I am merely talking about the lack of alignment between the life we say we live, and the life we actually live. This is evident in all of our lives at times, so do not misunderstand and think that I am calling out certain individuals. However, deliberate sin backed up with nominal allegiance to Christ is a problem. This is only true, however, if God is worthy, valuable, and glorious. Hypocrisy is only an issue if God is truly worthy of our devotion.

Over the next few days, I want to expand on the worth and value and glory of God. The question has been on my mind lately, “Is God really worth it?” Worth what? We will find out. The more I read the Bible and truly study and meditate on its meaning and truth, the more I am humbled. I am humbled by many things, but primarily by the kind of life a Christian is to live. I am humbled by the radical call of Christ to “Follow [Him]” and the commands and teachings He gave. I want to give some focus and thought to the life His disciples are called and commanded to live. I want to see the worth of God. I want you to see His true value, because if He is not worth much, then we all need to quit this whole “Christianity thing.” However, if He is worthy and quite valuable, what does that mean for our lives? Here’s a little foreshadowing: It means everything! This next series of posts will focus on sin, grace, our freedom, and the cost to follow Jesus, all of which will culminate to a prayerful enlightenment on the glory of God and the truth of His worth and value. The ultimate question will become, “Is God worthy enough for us to follow Jesus Christ the way He has called and commanded us to?” Will we continue to be casual church attendees to comply with a cultural norm? Will we continue to legalistically read a thick, leather-bound book called the Bible along with our devotionals in order to receive up-lifting “Osteen-isms” to “start our day out right”? Will we continue to take part in church services as “nominal Christians” as a source of personal entertainment and family leisure? Or, will we decide to take Jesus at His word and be what we call ourselves? Will we decide to actually follow Jesus and allow all of the implications this has on our lives to take hold? Will we be cultural Christians, or biblical Christ-followers? If God is not worthy, valuable, and glorious, then hypocrisy is no longer an issue and relativism should rule the world. However, if He is worthy, valuable, and glorious, then, according to Scripture, we have much to consider.  Let’s find out if He is worth it!

By His Grace — For His Glory — For Our Joy


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