Desiring God: New Conference on Disability

This is a topic that is dear to the heart of my beloved fiance and is becoming nearer to my heart as well. Most people that we asscociate with on a daily basis are concerned that God would create someone with such disabilities. The big question is “Why would God create certain people to not have any cognitive or physical abilities whatsoever?” Another common question I hear is, ” If God creates all things to be good, then what about people with disabilities?” Is God still sovereign in these situations or are certain disabilities out of His hands? I am ecstatic that John Piper is addressing these issues in a conference in Minneapolis this November. I feel this is a tremendous topic and opportunity to learn about God’s sovereignty in disabilities. Here is the post from Desiring God:

“We invite you to join us for our first conference on human disability, November 8 in Minneapolis. Whether you are a pastor seeking ways to better care for the disabled, you live with disabilities yourself, or you serve as a caregiver to a disabled family member, this conference will help you better understand God’s sovereignty in human disability.

The conference — The Works of God: God’s Good Design in Disability — will feature four speakers: Nancy Guthrie, Greg Lucas, Mark Talbot, and John Piper. Additionally, John Knight will emcee the conference and Kempton Turner will moderate a speaker panel.

‘This is a very weighty, a very painful, and a very necessary topic,’ says Pastor John in the following invitation video. ‘I don’t know that there’s been anything quite like this before.'”

The video of John Piper’s invitation can be found in the following link:


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