Pray For The Horn: Day 28 – Instability

Our focus today in our daily prayer for the Horn of Africa is the instability that has become a way of life for the peoples living in this area particularly between Ethiopia and Eritrea. The national strife and instability between these two governements has caused great suffering for the people living in these nations. A main reason for the high level of poverty in this area is due to this great national instability. As we continue to pray for the gospel of Jesus Christ to penetrate the hearts of the people living in this area of the world we must pray for God to humble the hearts of the leaders of this nation which would allow for greater stability and improved living conditions. In an area with dire spiritual need, there is also dire physical need that stems from such harsh relations between these two nations in particular. I encourage you to pray for stability in this area of the world in order to somewhat eliminate some of the physical poverty and by this allow for laborers for the Kingdom to more freely aid in providing for these great physical and spiritual needs. Pray for mercy, comfort, and courage among the few believers in this area. Pray that from increased stability these Christians in Ethiopia and Eritrea would be able to provide for their neighbors and more acccessibly share the gospel.

Ways To Pray:


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