Pray For The Horn: Day 27 – Orthodox

The focus for prayer today as it pertains to Secret Church and the peoples in the Horn of Africa involves a classic case of works vs. grace. These Orthodox followers, like all Christ-followers, realize their sinfulness before God. This is where the likeness ends. From this realization, the Orthodox peoples will perform certain rites and rituals which range from reciting prayers to wearing a white cloth that wraps around their head. If this was mere symbolism, I could maybe understand. If they understood that because of the perfect life, obedient death, and victorious resurrection of Jesus Christ and our faith in Him we are justified in God’s heavenly courtroom and by this therefore declared righteous and clean, then I could see where wearing a white cloth to represent that they are now clean and not guilty of their sin would be very symbolic. However, they do not understand this. They believe that they are required to perform these rites and rituals in order to be clean and righteous in God’s sight. This is a matter of these people believing they can earn their salvation. They are still trying to climb the mountain to get to God blind to the truth that God has already come down from the mountain in the person Jesus Christ to bring us to Him. This spiritual mountain that they are so desperately and vigorously trying to climb is in fact impossible for them. As clean as they attempt to make themselves seem before God, they are in reality just as filthy and unrighteous as every other human on the earth because of the sinful nature we all have. They are blind and are working toward an impossibility among men. Only with God is it possible to be clean and righteous. He declares us righteous by His grace through our faith in His Son Jesus Christ’s work in His life, death, and resurrection. Pray for the Orthodox peoples today. Connect and identify with them. Pray that they who are working diligently to be righteous before God would realize that God has done the work for them in Jesus Christ and that they would trust in Him, declaring Him as Lord, for their justification before God. Jesus makes us clean by the removal of our guilt by taking it on Himself and imputing His righteousness to us. May the Orthodox peoples in the Horn of Africa see this and believe it. May laborers for the Kingdom take this true gospel to them.

Ways to connect and pray:


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