Pray For The Horn: Day 26 – The Eritrean Church


courtesy of IMB via DMI

Today’s focus of prayer is the Eritrean Church in the Horn of Africa. This day of prayer penetrates the heart and purpose of Secret Church. There is great persecution of evangelical Christians in this area and is illegal to practice evangelical Christianity. Because of this, the church must meet secretly in homes. Despite all of this persecution and suffering, the church is growing under new, young leadership. We as the Church of Jesus Christ must pray earnestly on a daily basis for our brothers and sisters in this area. Pray for courage. Pray for peace. Pray for comfort. Pray for the Kingdom of God to continue to expand to those peoples who have been prevented from hearing the liberating and redeeming gospel of Jesus Christ. Read the following excerpt from the Secret Church blog post for today and be moved by the condition of the Church in Eritrea. Identify with them today by being more intensely devoted to God in your reading, worship, and prayer time today. May the Eritrean Church find joy in God in the midst of this suffering.

“Evangelicals suffer severe persecution. Being officially banned, these groups now operate in underground networks based in homes. Many Christ-followers in Eritrea face the reality of imprisonment and torture. Key evangelical leaders were imprisoned following the ban on their churches. Since then, those arrested have included pastors, prominent evangelicals in society and, more recently, those known to practice Christian faith. Prison conditions are harsh—beatings and agonizing torture techniques cripple many and even lead to death in some cases.

With many pastors, leaders and evangelists now living outside the country or in prisons, the Church moves forward under new leadership, often young men or new believers, some who encountered Jesus in prison.

Amid such hardship, the Eritrean Church has grown rapidly, often most among those fleeing the country, those living in camps in Ethiopia and elsewhere, those in prison, and those living abroad. Still, many villages and towns remain unimpacted by the gospel.”

Ways to Pray:



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