Pray For The Horn: Day 21 – Walls

courtesy of Steve Evans via DMI

This morning I am broken-hearted by the reality that the Orthodox people live in. They live in fear. Yesterday the faithful bloggers with Secret Church discussed chaos and all of the physical fears and destruction that they face on a daily basis. Today, I feel this fear that is discussed is even greater. The people of the Orthodox Church feel as if they are too unclean to enter into God’s presence so they will remain outside of the church building. While these physical walls are not holding them back, they feel as if there is a spiritual wall holding them from God’s presence. This is the typical, “I am not good enough to go to church or to worship God, so I just won’t go.” There is much truth in this line of thinking that deserves focus. The statements, “I am not good enough” or “I am unclean” are 100% correct. Yes! Exactly! No one is worthy, not even one. Therefore, this line of thinking by these people in Africa is correct. However, they are dangerously mistaken with the next statement: “I cannot enter into His presence due to this uncleanness.” False! This should spark a desire in you to board the first flight to the Horn of Africa (or maybe just walk next door) and shout the truths of the gospel! It is only because of Jesus Christ that filthy, sinful humans can enter into His presence. The message of grace and justification should be joyfully proclaimed among these people so that they may know that this Jesus of the Bible is the only reason they can enter God’s Holy presence. They have created walls. May the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ tear them down violently so that they can humbly and joyfully enter His presence with a glad and thankful heart. Pray for these Orthodox people today, that there confusion may be lifted and their eyes opened to the truth of the gospel.

For ways to pray I will include the link to the Secret Church Blog at the end of this post. I will be quoting directly from that blog post here to provide you all with ways to connect and identify with them throughout today:


  • Every time you walk through a doorway today, lift up the people of the Horn. Pray that they will enter into God’s presence through the only Doorway, Jesus Christ.
  • Think of how many times each week you pass within the walls of your church. This week, before you enter, pause outside the doorway and pray for the Horn.” (via Secret Church Blog)

Pray Today:


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