Pray For The Horn: Day 20 – Chaos

courtesy of Steve Evans

As I was reading this mornings blog post from Secret Church, I was taken back by very alarming words. Words such as chaos, war, neglect, displacement, death, fighting, smugglers, terrorists, bandits, pirates, danger, oppression, women and children at risk, droughts, famine, assault, abandonment, and human trafficking are alarming to say the least. These are words I rarely encounter in my daily, First World, American life. I read how Somalia has the lowest health budget of any nation and the highest infant mortality rate. A stat such as 12% of all children die as infants in Somalia. The title of this post was appropriate. What utter chaos must persist in these nations. These are the poor. These are the suffering. These are the “least of these.” These are the destitute. May we not just view these people as numbers or statistics. We must engage ourselves with their reality. These words I have mentioned are not just words to these people. They are realities. They live in constant suffering and fear most without the liberating and redeeming Gospel of Jesus Christ. What are we doing? I am ashamed that I am not encountering these words more often, for in places such as these, that is where Jesus has called us to. The least we can do is pray for them, but do not take prayer lightly. A faithful prayer will go much further than an arrogant missionary (possible oxymoron?). Pray for the suffering in the horn of Africa as well as the spreading of the Gospel from nearby nations as well as from you and I. May we obey our Savior and go to them bringing the physical and spiritual redemption found in Jesus Christ.

For Ways To Pray:


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