Pray For The Horn: Day 18 – The Less Evangelized Peoples of Ethiopia

As countless Somalis are seeking refuge, restoration, and redemtption in Ethiopia from violence in their home country, pray with me that these unreached peoples would be open and receptive to the true refuge, restoration, and redemption found in Jesus Christ.

Thirty people groups in Ethiopia—accounting for 25 million people—have been identified as unevangelized. Pray specifically for these groups over the next few days.

Many thousands of Somalis have crossed into Ethiopia, fleeing the violence at home. Ethiopian ethnic Somalis number 4.5 million and are one of Africa’s least reached peoples. Ministry to these people comes at great risk and personal cost to those sharing.

Many sections of Oromia, especially in the east and south, are strongly Muslim and increasingly assertive within the federal framework. A number of Christian organizations reach out despite some hostility toward Christianity. Intertribal Oromi warfare has disrupted much work but gives opportunity to show compassion.

The many peoples of the southwest, bordering on Sudan, are isolated and smaller in numbers; some are nomadic. Nearly all are now engaged by Christian workers.”

Ways to Pray:


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