Pray For The Horn: Day 12 – Peoples of Djibouti

In many areas around our world there are people groups who have yet to be reached with the gospel. To put it bluntly, these people will live in extreme physical poverty and die in extreme eternal spiritual poverty. They are born without Christ, they live without Christ, and they die without Christ. The stakes are high, eternal, and global. The first step in the process of taking the gospel to these hard to reach peoples is prayer. Pray for people to be sent to take the truth of the gospel to them for the first time and continue to pray for those who will disciple them after conversion. Learn more about this area in Africa and the people groups that make it up. Love them and identify with them. Above all, pray for them.

Pray specifically for these groups:

  • The Afars’ main territories are in Ethiopia and Eritrea, where there is little witness at present. In Djibouti, the primarily nomadic Afar are increasingly urbanized due to economic pressures. There is no known church among them.
  • The Somalis are a small branch of the larger populations in Somalia and Ethiopia. The Somalis in Djibouti are a key for the evangelization of their kinsmen across the border.
  • Arabs, both local and Yemeni, need a specific approach directed to their spiritual needs. There is no work among them, despite possibly being more accessible here than in Yemen.
  • Ethnic minorities. As a strategic port city, Djibouti attracts foreigners from many lands. Most of these—French, Greek, Pakistani, Senegalese, Indian and others—have little exposure to vibrant Christian witness.

Ways to Pray:


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