Pray for the Horn: Day 11 – “First”

Pray with me for this Christ-follower as he intentionally makes disciples in hostile areas. Pray that fellow Christ-followers would continue to disciple “First” and as he seeks to know more about God and the truth of the gospel so that he can take what he learns and reproduce it to those who have yet to hear and believe. May we learn from his example and follow Christ with the ferver and intentionallity that he demonstrates. Learn a little more about “First” here at the Secret Church blog and pray for him today.

Here is “First’s” story:

“‘First’ is a Christ follower in the Horn of Africa who makes an arduous eight-hour journey twice a month. He hikes the mountain paths for hours in the pre-dawn darkness so he can arrive at the paved road in time to catch local transportation to a small city. Once he arrives, he stays for several days to learn new gospel stories to take back to his village. After making the long hike back to his village he will teach others the stories he has learned about Christ so they can take the same stories to other villages in the area.”

Find out ways to pray for “First”:


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