Pray For The Horn: Day 8

Taking part in Secret Church is always a blessing and this Spring it will be no different. This time around, however, I am more involved in preparing for the 6 or 7 hour event. I am praying daily for this year’s prayer focus group and I need to be a better leader by getting our entire group involved in praying intentionally for the Horn of Africa. The Secret Church staff have been gracious enough to post prayer concerns and ways to pray for the Horn of Africa on their blog. I will include the link for the Secret Church blog at the bottom of this post. I encourage you all to join us in praying for the Horn of Africa on a daily basis over the course of this month leading up to Secret Church. Pray that we would know His Word and through the efforts of David Platt, Disciple-Making International, Lifeway, and The Church at Brook Hills may we also hurt with the persecuted church, know them better, identify with their zeal for Christ, and support them financially, prayerfully, and physically.

By His Grace,

Mathew Gilbert


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