Seeking Wisdom: The Great Danger of Pride


God Detests Pride

Scripture Reading: Proverbs 21

Key Verse: “Haughty eyes and a proud heart, the lamp of the wicked, are sin.” – Proverbs 21:4

An overwhelming teaching in the book of Proverbs has to do with pride. Teachings on pride occur over 14 times in Proverbs alone. There is obvious importance placed on this vice as it is typically assimilated with wickedness, sin, mockers, scoffers, arrogance, detesting of the Lord, downfall, evil, and destruction. Simply put, the Lord disapproves of arrogance and it finds no place among God’s children. One who is proud and full of arrogance is considered to be “wicked” and Scripture teaches that “the soul of the wicked desires evil.” In other words, it could be correctly said that one who is proud desires evil. This is much deeper than mere evil acts that breed from pride. Pride breeds evil desires. This is why it is clear that there is no place for pride among the righteous. One who is proud is spiritually blind. When confronted with the fact that they are a disgusting sinner destined for an eternal hell without the grace and forgiveness of God, they suppress this truth and hold to the premise that they are “good people.” There is no room for contrition, confession, or repentance in a proud heart. There is plenty room, however, for evil desires that promote self and justify sinful actions. The reason there is no place for pride among the righteous is simply because anyone who clings to pride will not desire true righteousness in the first place. They will see no need for justification and truly not be able to admit their sin and evil to a holy God. This is why God disapproves of pride at full volume in Scripture. A man who has pride in his heart will never see true life, for true life finds its place only in those who “pursue righteousness.”

Haughty self-assurance lacks the one thing necessary for right standing with God, which is humble contrition, confession, repentance, and dependence on God. Faith in Jesus Christ can only be expressed and experienced by the humble that denies self and abandons all to follow Christ. A haughty man will never see the true joy in dying to self daily in order to live in the life of righteousness Jesus clothes his followers with. If these teachings are not enough, God detests haughty eyes to the point of declaring his hatred of pride and arrogance (Prov. 6:17). The first step to take in order to truly follow Christ includes a close examination of yourself and a removal of all pride that is within you. If you have been converted, yet have slipped back into your prideful ways, repent of this sin and realize its great danger as it can lead you down a path to destruction. God’s elect and holy people are those who are humble. A selfish and prideful Christ-follower does not exist. God will radically change your life by converting you and giving you true, lasting, eternal life in perfect communion with him.

I encourage you to examine yourself and pray that God would remove all pride from you so that you can walk in righteousness and in step with the Spirit. Beware of pride and seek humility. In this seeking, allow it to demonstrate itself in your life. Be humble in your dealings with others. Be humble with your dress. Be humble with your possessions. Be humble with your money. Be humble with your time. Surrender all. Abandon all. Follow Christ. Be what he has saved you to be; an ambassador of his in all nations. In his name, proclaim the gospel boldly and humbly, seeking his kingdom first and dying to yourself daily. Those who give up the god in their lives produced by pride in order to follow Jesus Christ will inherit eternal life. Focus on humbling yourself today.

“For you save a humble people, but the haughty eyes you bring down.” – Psalm 18:27

“But many who are first will be last, and the last first.” – Matthew 19:30


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