Our God Reigns

Scripture Reading: Psalms 97-99

Memory Verse: “The heavens proclaim His righteousness, and all the peoples see His glory.” – Psalm 97:6

The biggest implication I have seen in my meditations on His Word and in my life today is that the Lord reigns. Pretty obvious, right? If it is so obvious, then why do we so often ignore His existence and place so many other things before Him. Take this morning for example. My intent was to wake up early and meet with my God and Savior in His Word which would lead to musical worship in song. However, I allowed my selfish desire to sleep for a measly thirty more minutes overcome my desire to be in the presence of God, my King and Savior. It seems to me that it is not as obvious as I once thought. Do I really believe that God reigns supremely over all the earth and personally my life? I must admit that my actions do not back up this obvious notion. In theory, it should be obvious and it is, but in reality I act as if God does not reign over my life. So, through this confession to the Lord before men, some repentance is in store. O how I am in lament over my abandonment. I have abandoned the Lord not only this morning but this past week. O, my God, how blind I have been to your glory! He has revealed to me this morning how great He is and how blind I have been. I so desperately desire for the veil that I have kept up to prevent myself from being in His presence to be removed by my God. His Word declares, “The heavens proclaim His righteousness, and all the peoples see His glory.” (Psalm 97:6) Oh, how I am in such need of being awakened to the reality by which I hold my entire being to, that He is God and He reigns. May I tremble before Him, my great God. May He forgive me this sin of idolatry as I have chosen the desires of my flesh over the desires of and for God. May God renew my heart to desire after Him above all else and to see His glory and proclaim His righteousness through my life daily. As sure as His salvation has been revealed to me, so I will praise Him through song because of His marvelous deeds. Seek Him above all else today! Allow God to render the veil that covers your inner eyes so you may see His glory!

Scripture References: Psalm 97:1, 6; 98:1-2, 4-5; 99:1

By His grace,

Mathew Gilbert


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