Too Great To Keep Quiet About

Scripture Reading: Psalms 65-67

Key Verses: Psalm 65:1-3; 66:8

So, how much of your day has been committed to your God, your Savior so far? None? A little? All? How much of your day so far has been committed to yourself? None? A little? All? There are some things in our life right now that we just can’t seem to stop talking about. You know what I am talking about; that test you have been studying for, that coworker who just gets on your nerves so much, or maybe an activity or event that you just cannot wait for! In comparison with how much time we spend talking about these things, how much of our time is devoted to them? In other words, I believe that we talk most about what we are most committed to. So, how much have you talked about your God today, the one true God? How much of your time has been committed to Him? Why would you even talk about Him or be committed to Him? Does He deserve your time, energy, and effort? Let’s just find out how worthy and great He really is!

Here is a question to start: Should we allot the same amount of time and energy to God that we allot to our homework, work life, and social life? Another way to form this question would be: does God demonstrate enough worth to deserve more devoted time than these other aspects of your life? I believe this question should be answered with a resounding YES! If you don’t believe me, look outside. Notice your body and how it functions. Take time tonight to look up into the sky and admire the vast beauty of the stars, moon, and clouds. Oh, indeed this God we serve is glorious. His deeds and works are too numerous to count and too glorious to describe. How can we not tell of His great deeds? We can only stand in awe of this awesome Creator God who put all these things into motion. Daily He provides the earth with exactly what she needs. Daily the Father provides for the birds of the air, fish of the sea, and animals of the earth without ceasing to care for them. At the same time He has provided for you your entire life. You are where you are at in life because of His great love, mercy, and provision despite your great sin. Oh how glorious and great our God is indeed. Take time today to notice the vastness of the universe and how grand it is compared to you. At the same time, notice a small ant and see how grand you are in comparison to it. For our God cares for the plants and animals daily; we should admire this provision and creation. Also, at some point today in this fall season, as the flowers begin to wither, notice a small, seemingly insignificant beautiful purple flower in the midst of withering plants and trees. Slow down and take time to notice the beautiful and awesome deeds God has displayed through His creation. He is worthy of our praise at all times during the day, not just a set time. And if we do designate a time to meet with Him, do not put a time constraint on this glorious meeting with your Creator, Savior, Lover, and God. Enter His presence and tell Him, “this time is yours, do with it as you please!” Can we really keep His greatness to ourselves? Do we even recognize it?

If these descriptions of the beauty of God’s creation are not enough to bring you to the realization of His worth to be praised, then listen to this. God deserves our continuous praise in light of our salvation. Think about it. We get so far from the very reason we take time to worship God at all too often. He has made a way for us to be reconciled to Him despite our previous, current, and future sins. His love for us has overcome sin and death. Even when our iniquities prevail against us and we succumb to sin, He atones for our transgressions (Psalm 65:3)! Praise God the Lord Almighty! The way God prepared for salvation by grace and through faith in Jesus Christ is the greatest among His awesome deeds! He deserves continual, never ending intentional praise for this great deed. He is too great to keep quiet about. You must intentionally sing praises to Him throughout the day. You must set aside time for Him and Him alone in devoted prayer because He is God. You must spend tedious time in His Word for He is so great! While He deserves these set aside times, our praise and proclamation of His greatness doesn’t end in your quiet time. It must continue throughout the day. He is worthy of your praise and the praise of those who have yet to hear His name. Carrying out the mission Christ left us all with will be much easier when we spend the majority of our day in awe of God the Father and His great deeds. Tell Him He is awesome. Remind Him of His greatness. Bring glory to His name through praise. Once you realize how great He really is, it will be much more natural for you to want to brag about Him to others who have yet to praise His name.

He deserves all of our time. Let today be a day to be all about God. Praise Him in the morning, afternoon, evening, and night. Recognize His glory in every aspect of your life. Allow the joys that will come to overwhelm you and lead you into praise and proclamation of His Word to others. Let the sound of His praises be heard (Psalm 66:8)!

Prayer: “O God, you are my God and I will forever praise your name. Help me to realize today how helpless I am and how great you are! Open my eyes to your glory and may my life today be lived for you so that others may bring praise to your name for you are worthy. May I not keep quiet about your greatness today, by your grace. Amen.”


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